Kicking the Curve Fundraising event

Norwest United is Fundraising for The Mental Health Foundation

  Oct 15, 2020   Trina

Norwest United Football Club is giving our kids a positive memory for 2020 while raising funds for The Mental Health Foundation.

1 in 5 people experience mental illness every year and with 2020 being like no other year these numbers are only going to get worse.

As stated by Mental Health Foundation: When someone is flourishing, they experience interest in the world around them, purpose in their life and are less at risk of physical/mental health problems.

As most of New Zealand are working through the new normal of Covid and trying to get their lives back to normal we will unfortunately see a year where our kids have not had the opportunities to explore, have fun and make positive memories.

This is why the Norwest United Football Club is putting on a 10 hour challenge on the 1st November for our kids, our community and our families. Let's come together to get involved and help raise funds for mental Health and leave our community with a positive message for 2020.

What is the Club doing on the 1st November as part of this charity drive?

1. The club will have a continuous game of football played for 10 hours non-stop.

2. The club will have over 20 teams of kids made up of all ages shooting at the goals to try and score 10,000 goals in the 10 hours.

3. There will be food, activities and so much more that anyone can come down for a fun family day to help a great cause.