Clubs have voted!

The executive committees of our clubs are delighted to confirm that, after the AGM (Waitakere) and SGM (Norwest) in the week of November 3 rd, it was unanimously agreed that the two clubs should proceed with amalgamation and the creation of a new club, West Coast Rangers F.C.

This is a pivotal moment in the long history of two proud clubs, and lays the foundations for a strong and sustainable future for Football in the West and North of Auckland for years to come. Taking this bold step is all about creating pathways for the development of every player at our Club, from aspiring Prems and Senior players right down to first kicks and those of us who want a fun and competitive social game played with good friends in a club that is a key part of their community. Coming together will enable us to progress toward obtaining a Y license, and attract and retain the players needed to be competitive in women’s, men’s and youth football at all levels.

A strong club with a significant member base can generate the income and attract the grants and other funding needed to invest in coaching and facilities so that we are able to provide a first class experience from Academy level to Prems Grade. Our area is growing fast, and we intend to take advantage so that we can become the number one club in the city.

We have worked hand in glove with Northern Region Football throughout this process. The creation of your new club will be formally discussed - and we expect approved - by Northern Region Football at their meeting on November 30th, and thereafter we can begin the process of setting things up in plenty of time for the 2021 season.

We appreciate things have been moving quickly and that you may still have questions. Please get in touch with Lloyd, Thom or any of the board members or club staff if you do – we are all on this journey together and can help you understand what it means in your situation. There are also many exciting developments that we are working on behind the scenes which will support our growth. We will share more news with you as soon as we are able to.

Thanks for your support.

Thomas Epstein - Chairperson Norwest United

Lloyd Jones - Chairperson Waitakere City Football Club

#StrongerTogether #GuardiansOfTheWest

  Oct 23, 2020   Trina