Midget Grade

Whole of Football Programme - 5th to 8th Grade

Norwest United was one of the first clubs to implement NZ Football's award winning 'Whole of Football' programme. More information about this can be found on the NZ football site at http://www.nzfootball.co.nz/whole-of-football/

This is a grassroots programme designed to retain and develop young talent while ensuring that all players learn the skills they need to enjoy the game.

The midget grades encompass 'First Kicks' for 4 and 5 year olds and 'Fun Football' for 6, 7 and 8 year olds. The format for each of these is the same. On the Saturday morning, each team participates in short skills sessions, followed by short, small-sided games.

Each team is coached in the first skills session by their own coach. They then move to another pitch to have another session with another team's coach, and repeat.

The team returns to their home pitch for oranges and their coach divides them into two smaller teams. They then play a short, small-sided game against their own team. The 'away' team then moves to the pitch at which they had their second skills session, and plays that team's 'home' team, and then to their third game.

This system ensures that the children get interactions with a range of coaches and other teams in their grade.

4th Grade

Norwest may run a separate programme for 4th Grade each year based on player numbers. The format for this grade will consist of one group who will all stay together for the entire session and play a number of fun games introducing basic football skills.

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games face on!

Youngster's games face on!

boys and girls compete together

Midget Grade boys and girls compete together

Women's First Team meet the players

Whole of Football Women's First Team meet the players